You need to give her gifts she’ll love.

We do that for you.

It's simple...

get her a great gift for that special day, give it wrapped with a thoughtful card, and she’ll think your the GOAT…


You get to wow her 4 times a year

Wow her on her birthday, your anniversary, valentines days, and one random day just to surprise her and show you care.

Here's how it works...

You sign up

Give us the dates of your events and tell us a little about what your lady likes. gardening, music, reading, etc.

We pick a gift

Two weeks before each event we text you a gift we selected for her based on your description of what she likes. Tap to accept. Not sure we picked the right gift, Tap to see other selections and choose the one that fits your lady.

You customize the card

Just text us what you want the card to say and we'll create a custom card for her.

We ship the gift and supplies

Along with the gift we'll ship the card and wrapping supplies (bag, paper, tape, bow).

You give her the gift

Then watch her open it and give you a big kiss for being so awesome.

Dude, don't wait to be great.

The other kind of goat is the one who does something monumentally bad and loses the game. Like forgetting to get her a gift. Don’t be that goat.


$89 per year Sign Me Up

  • Free shipping

  • 4 gifts (bday, anniv, valentines, just because)

  • Custom card included with each

  • Wrapping/or gift bag included with each

  • Gift purchase additional ( per gift plus applicable taxes)


Ok I'm ready... make me the GOAT!

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